Welcome to Satin Moose

We specialize in providing design professionals a full range of services for all phases of the design & construction process

From Preliminary design presentations, mood boards, graphic packages, concept space plans to full schematic, design development & construction documents, along with lighting & furniture selection & specifications. With fluctuating project timelines & workload requirements, we are here to assist in providing you with the highest quality product and service for your clients.


  • Renderings

    Rendered images of interior or exterior will help your clients to visualize your design.

  • Presentations

    We can create custom presentations through all project phases, from mood boards to final design. All presentations are custom, and can include colored plans, colored elevations, details, images of finishes, furniture, lighting and more.

  • Cinemagraph

    If you would like to impress your client and add real life to your design, cinemagraph can be a great way. Cinemagraph is a combination of static and moving sections of the image.

  • Product research

    We can help with research and selection of various interior design products - finishes, furniture, lighting, plumbing fixtures, accessories and more. We can also order finish samples for you and have them delivered to your office.

  • Sample boards

    There is no better way for your client to understand design then to “touch and feel”. We create our sample boards on custom printed foam boards. Provide us your finish schedule and we will take care of ordering samples and creating the sample board.


    We can develop drawings for any project phase, from schematics to construction documents.


How we work

  • Step 1

    Understand task and acknowledge timeline.

  • Step 2

    Send work in progress for your review and approval to move forward with the task.

  • Step 3

    Send final product.

How we work


We will work with you to understand your work scope and find the best pricing solution for you.
We offer a variety of pricing options:

  • Hourly

    This options is for quick specific tasks.

  • Weekly/Monthly

    If you know that you will need our services 8h per day for a few weeks or months.

  • Per project

    If you give us a full scope, we can give you a price per project no matter how long it will take to finish.